The Destickering

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One thing I hate about used game shops, ESPECIALLY GAMESTOP, with a passion is their obssesion with putting a million sticker on everything. Theyre quite tricky to remove and one wrong move and your game has a scuff in it forever. Extremely annoying. Here's how I deal with them.

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MadCatz StreetFighter4 FightPad

Purse Not Included

One of the most infamous things about the 360 is it's D-pad, which is really too bad because it gets the most good Shooting and Fighting games. So, when Street Fighter IV came out, MadCatz released a controller specifically for fighters.

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Wii: The master of a million controllers.

Wii would like to play
This generation of consoles is one of the more interesting I've seen in a long time. Like, last gen was so boring and everything was alike. But this one's consoles are going for VERY different things. While the PS3 and 360are going neck and neck to be the hi def king, wii sits alone and thinks up new ideas for play control. Since the remote was such a huge leap into the unknown, they played it safe and released some "regular" controllers, which, combined with 3rd party adaptors, give the wii a unheardof amount of input options, especially for thisday and age.

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A short post about cheap PS2 games.

About $30 worth

About $30 worth...

Looks like the Playstation 2 is FINALLY, FINALLY on it's death bed. The thing is 10 years old how are they still making games for it?! I can tell it's on it's death bed because Gamestop, who previously was PS2's best friend is now marking down their games like CRAZY. I presume this is because they want the shelf space of Wiistation 360 stuff, and since they used to love ps2 so much they have, a TON of them. So if there's any PS2 games you wanted or kinda wanted but didn't want to pony up the dough for... (or if you just hated it and it's anti-2D policies... nyoro~n) or maybe if you just got a brand new, pre-owned, PS3, now is totally the time to buy. Even the fancy pants RPGs that are so RARE L@@K that they bring tonsof monies are in the totally reasonable $20 range. (Not pictured because I'm broke :( ) The only down side is only about 20% of the games have boxes, if that's not a big deal for you, go wild, even if it does, there's some gold in that 20%so... go wild still. ♥

Don't look back! Onward!

don't look back

Hey guys, I'm sooooo sorry for taking such a long time to Update this thing. Being busy plus not having the equipment/stuff for new posts plus being lazy plus login issues equals one dead blog. Then I see Ana's happily up to date blog and am just like *cryyyy* I do have lots of posts on the back burner though :3

But this isn't a post about me not updating. It's about a much more devastating subject...

PSU is coming to an end!!

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