Revoltech Menace! (18禁)

It's that time again. No, not that time. Time for yet another Revoltech review lol. This time we're doing Queen's Blade again, and yep, it's just as perverted as last time. Know what that means?

Yep. That sign's been sitting in my floor since the Melona post... orz


As soon as Melona and Menace were annouced I preordered both right away, lol. They're my favorite two Queen's Blade characters so I'm glad they have figures. :D I happened to use airmail cause I'm a cheapass, so it took a whooping 22 days after release date before I finally got her. orz

Macbook not included
She has quite the dynamite bod, doesn't she? Fittingly, unlike Melona, she's muuuuch less squishy. Infact only parts of her that aren't hard plastic are her robes. (if those... even qualify as such, lol!)

Photo 1165
And what a beauty she is! I'm kind of a fan of the whole "Egypt" look, and I really think this character pulls it off well. ♥ I think her face has a bit more detail than Melona, but that may be intentional to get Melona a gel-like appearance. I think both faces fit though, so I'm happy ♥

THE HORRORFaces of Menace
Speaking of faces, Menace has alot! 3 are S faces and 1 is M according to the box, but I think think of pervy and not uses for all of them. You really get a wide range of emotion with this many, and I am EXTREMELY pleased with how easy they are to change. Changing face is an absolute nightmare with just about every release, but this one is really really easy ♥ Thank you Kaiyodo for fixing yet ANOTHER thing ♥

I never realized what a shortie Melona is...
She's quite tall next to Melona, I thought they were disproportionate at first, but then I realized... MENACE IS WEARING HEELS! With their feet at equal ground, they're pretty close. NICE attention to detail!

dat ass.
Her back is pretty standard with the roundest ass I've ever seen on an action figure and a hole in her back that took me forever to realize it was for the stand... Eh, heh. She does have a few visible joints back there though, which I find unusual, maybe I don't have them pushed in right.

The Hat is removable, and she comes with a bunch of hands. I really like the ones with the ring on it for some reason, which is a majority, the only optional left hand is one that allows her to hold her staff, but it's really hard to get it in said hand. Almost reminds me of old GI Joe figues (The little ones) where the thumbs would always break off. The thought of that happening to this gives me nightmares. But you gotta love that "Objection" finger. Haha.

Oh dear
Much like Melona, she comes with an alternate breastplate thing for M mode.... let's go with "Battle damaged" Heh heh...

I love her facial expression here, haha
Oooooor if you prefer..... yeah. Actually in this case I think just having her topless is better than some bent up thing all over her bosom. Gotta love her look of UTTER SHOCK here though! Also it's good to note that Menace doesnt have those rubbery squishy boobs which are so easy to tear. It's a good call imo, as that rubber is nothing like real boobs at all.

10lb lighter!Ah so limber~
She's really hard to pose thanks to her robes, even though I think they look nice, but if it's a problem, you can easily remove them ♥ Makes her WAY more posable, She even has a new type of shoulder joint which seems a little easier to bend back. However her elbow joints are really really loose, so much that they feel like they're about to fall apart. I think the robes put alot of stress on them... eep.

.... Lordy.This is totally for educational purposes... yeah.
M-mode is just as perverted as ever ♥ Interestingly Menace's panties aren't removable like Melona's, makes me think melona's are just because of her.... squirting feature...

This picture really messed up my Melona post FFFFFUUUUUUPhoto 1190

Ofcourse it's really more fun with a friend, huh? There's all sorts of pervy things they can do thogether, but I'll leave that one up to your imagination, ne? ♥

Sooo yeah. I really reccomend her if you like Egypty things, Queen's Blade, Revoltech, posable figures, or anything of the sort. :D ...and much like Melona she comes with and joint case and 10 Revoldollars!

See you later! ♥

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I have this pipe-dream of amassing enough various Revoltech parts to make my own Kirakara figure.
Muwahaha! ( > u < )


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::makes cat calls:: :3

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I want that figure, badly. ;_;

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PS - email me @gmail sometime. Onegai? Just wanna talk. :D


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