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don't look back

Hey guys, I'm sooooo sorry for taking such a long time to Update this thing. Being busy plus not having the equipment/stuff for new posts plus being lazy plus login issues equals one dead blog. Then I see Ana's happily up to date blog and am just like *cryyyy* I do have lots of posts on the back burner though :3

But this isn't a post about me not updating. It's about a much more devastating subject...

PSU is coming to an end!!
Yeah, first off read this. She's pretty much said everything I'm about to say but better.

Sega, today, announced that PSU is closing this March. Being the only MMO I've seen from beginning toend, I must say it's sad to see it go. Especially considering my worst fears about it came true. From the time it was announced that the servers would be region split, I knew that Japan was going to get updates long before the US server did, and the US server would eventually suffer an early death because of it. After all, this is what happened with Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst. Infact, it's eeriely simmilar, the slowly releasing content they already developed, Japan getting updates months ahead... if US got them at all, the dwindling player base... even the shutdown date is 2 years to the exact day that PSOBB closed. and ofcourse the Japanese version lives on...

Still, I gotta say, it's hard to get TOO upset considering we all knew it was coming. The last event barely pulled int 100 people on the entire server. I'm sad that we didnt get the Ice event or the supplemental update. but really, those things wouldnt have helped much. The game is stale, let's face it. It never stood a chance next to the bigger MMOs out there, and putting it on an aged system (PS2) really hurt it, and the game had a bunch of design flaws that strayed away from what made PSO so good, and making the game just more grindy in general. It almost felt like a generic MMO with less immersion. AOTI fixed a ton of stuff by replacing them with PSO rehashes, and hell. it worked. PSU was developed by a different team than PSO, which is probably the reason why it turned out like this. But hey :3 those guys are gone now. Phantasy Star Zero and Phantasy Star Portable 2 both turned out SWELL... and both are region free.

But yeah, we gotta look onward. Sega alluded to *something* for the 10th anniversary of PSO, and since they did it in US, that fills me with hope. If they release a new, next-gen Phantasy Star game that's region unlocked. (Honestly that looks to be the way things are going, all three current consoles have region free online for the most part.) I think we might just have a true successor to Phantasy Star Online! I hope to see you there <3

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