A short post about cheap PS2 games.

About $30 worth

About $30 worth...

Looks like the Playstation 2 is FINALLY, FINALLY on it's death bed. The thing is 10 years old how are they still making games for it?! I can tell it's on it's death bed because Gamestop, who previously was PS2's best friend is now marking down their games like CRAZY. I presume this is because they want the shelf space of Wiistation 360 stuff, and since they used to love ps2 so much they have, a TON of them. So if there's any PS2 games you wanted or kinda wanted but didn't want to pony up the dough for... (or if you just hated it and it's anti-2D policies... nyoro~n) or maybe if you just got a brand new, pre-owned, PS3, now is totally the time to buy. Even the fancy pants RPGs that are so RARE L@@K that they bring tonsof monies are in the totally reasonable $20 range. (Not pictured because I'm broke :( ) The only down side is only about 20% of the games have boxes, if that's not a big deal for you, go wild, even if it does, there's some gold in that 20%so... go wild still. ♥

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I'm Ana and I approve of this post. v-218

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:3 I was looking through the bins the other day and found some nice things. Unfortunately I didn't have any monies on me.

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This is Locke, and I'd have to agree. Probably not surprising that like 99% of the PC/PS2 PSU community is PC... I wonder if anyone else does PS2 beside me and Itachi... and sometimes you?

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i'm playing ps2 most of the time now. I need to switch back to pc to take pretty pictures.

Well in comparison the PS2 version of psu fares pretty bad next to the other versions. But yeah, I think 360's taken ps2's thrown as the gamesystem the average joe owns.


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