Wii: The master of a million controllers.

Wii would like to play
This generation of consoles is one of the more interesting I've seen in a long time. Like, last gen was so boring and everything was alike. But this one's consoles are going for VERY different things. While the PS3 and 360are going neck and neck to be the hi def king, wii sits alone and thinks up new ideas for play control. Since the remote was such a huge leap into the unknown, they played it safe and released some "regular" controllers, which, combined with 3rd party adaptors, give the wii a unheardof amount of input options, especially for thisday and age.
First up is the obvious choice, the Wii Remote itself. Really if you wanna read about this thing there is a billion places to do so, so I won't get too in depth. 99% of Wii games are designed for this thing and the 99% of wii games support it, so it's always there if all else fails. I'm mostly thinking of a 2D/emulator use in this post so, in the case of that, you're gonna be playing it on it's side. Which I find very confortable, Only gripe really is the fact that this was obviously not the intended way of holding it. (One side being meaty and the other beingslim kinda bugs me.) But hey it's not the worst way to play 2 button controller games.

The 2nd most obvious choice, and honestly the reason why the Wii has so many input options. The gamecube controller. Even though it's constantly critisized for it's weird button layout, I... love this controller. It's easily my favorite of the PS2/GC/Xbox generation. For 3D purposes it's great, it's the ONLY way to play Smash Bros: Brawl properly, has a nice "2 button" layout for NES/PCE/etc type games, although comes a little short if you're honestly planning to play SNES with it. (It wouldn't be so bad, but Nintendo has some obsession with mapping a button to a button with the same letter, even if it's not being used in that way anymore.) The biggest complaint of the controller is the small dpad, which doesn't bother me in limited use, but for a heavily 2D game, just doesn't do. Pictured here is the wavebird, which is my favorite of the standard GC controller designs, the grips were like... perfection. For fighting games it works well enough, but the deep shoulder buttons and small dpad get in the way.

Wii would also like to play
The classic controller, Nintendo's intended way of playing 2D/Emulated games on the Wii. It's nice and pretty and wii like, and new, which is all nice. I love the size and shape of the controllers,especially when compared to other modern controllers and, ESPECIALLY the LACK of hand grips. Which is most definitely not standard practice nowadays. You see, I am but a small handed woman, who is not the target audience for video games, so controllers are generally made with bigger hands in mind. Nintendo seems a bit more sensitive to the issue, as most controllers they design either lack grips or have them point straight down, which it nice. It feels as if the PS2 controller's grips almost stabs my hands sometimes, due to how i hold the controller. (My hand rests on the circle button like a small handed japanese person lol... I really wish they'd make an option for that...) For SNES I love this controller, but for games that expect 2-Button controllers, I kinda hate it. Because they mapped A and B to well... A and B. But that's now how my fingers rest on this controller, they should have mapped them to X and Y like a SNES. (or if we're talking Playstation, Square and X.) Oh well. also it has the same pressure sensitive shoulder buttons the GC controllers have, which is pointless as I do not know a single game that uses them. These pressure sensitive shoulder buttons are NOT good for fighting games. Also, I'll make a quick mention of the Classic Controller Pro, a revamped version of the classic controller which comes with Monster Hunter. I'm not going to judge it until I own it, but my initial impression isn't good. They ditched the pressure sensitive shoulder buttons for digital ones, which is nice for fighting games (Although does this mean the pressure sensitive buttons in the original are never going to be used? :( ), but it feels like it took too much inspiration from the Playstation controllers, since it also added grips... Exactly the thing that I love the classic controller for NOT having... Eeesh.

Wii would like to play awesomely
The Hori Digital Controller. It was made during the gamecube years and is discontinued now. Which is sad because it is my FAVORITE controller for Wii Fighting games and games that require a 2 Button controller. It was intended for the gamecube's gameboy player (The select button is simply mapped to Y) and the design is INCREDIBLE. It obviously took it's design from the SNES controller, right down to it's classic d-pad, but with some slight differences. The biggest being the Gamecube button layout which i don't mind at all. Gamecube has ALOT of 2D stuff that expects this layout and this controller does the job amazingly. The other big change from the SNES design is the back has it's grips of sort, it's angled at the edges making it very confortable to hold. I simply love it. It's also the only official gamecube native controller to feature digital shoulder buttons, which again is great for fighting games. Finally the Z button has been moved to a more convient spot. Maybe not for all games, but it's nice for most which just kinda use Z as that extra button. Sadly since they don't make the controller anymore it's starting to become hard to find, which is making it's price climb. If you find a resonably priced one, for the love of god, GET IT!

I have here the Retroports from Retro Zone, makers of the PowerPak ♥. Let's just say I'm a fan of their products. These things were released right as the Wii itself was, and my first reaction was quite negative, for a single reason... The Wii ALREADY HAD excellent recreations of the NES and SNES controllers. The Classic Controller and the Wii Remote itself. Meanwhile, the N64 and Genesis; the consoles which REALLY NEEDED an adapter, were left high and dry. I finally purchased a couple when they went on sale, and I must say... I'm actually quite impressed, and totally recommend them. Also they don't really advertise the fact that they can also be used on gamecube, which does NOT have perfect recreations of the (S)NES controllers. They're really well built and have a really long cable. Also it's worth mentioning there are USB versions of both, as well as an N64 one. Hey... Hey guys, wanna make a version of the N64 one for the Wii? Pleeeeeease? ♥

The NES one is nice and discreet, nice. Not really much to say about it, but the NES controllers feel wonderful and for games that litterally only use 2 buttons (Dr. Mario for the Wii for example.) It works great. The real appeal is the fact that you can use ANY NES controller with it. Not counting things like the Zapper. This means Turbo Controllers, the NES Advantage, Turbo Controllers, anything is possible.

And ofcourse it's Super Brother, which i found myself using more. As the shape of the SNES controller is a bit more comfortable than the Classic controller in my opinion. The SNES controller works great for anything that does use analog sticks or the L2/R2 buttons. and is a godsend for thing using the 4button layout. It's also great for fighting games, especially if you cant find a Hori Digital Controller, or hate the Gamecube button layout. And once again, turbo controllers, and the SNES advantage and things like that all work. (And no Superscope, obviously.) Gotta love how it matches the SNES design, too.

And finally, a little PSX adaptor I found for $4.23 and with a price like that I figured, "why not". Preferring the Gamecube controller to PS2, I haven't really used it much, but it's mapped wonderfully, and definitely beats the classic controller at N64, and works great for Fighting games (How many times am I going to say that?) Also the Playstation has TONS upon TONS of 3rd party and specialty controllers made for it, meaning you can get a great arcade stick or something and use it on the Wii.

So yeah, if you have to give it to Wii for one thing, it's options. I should also note that the DDR mat in the Wii DDR games is just a rebranded Gamecube one, so if you're into that you might save some money buying Mario DDR if you can find it cheap enough. The mario mat is WAY COOLER too. And that's my opinions on these controllers. I'm a bit biased as a smaller handed individual, but someone needs to speak for this minority, might as well be me.

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( ^ ﹏ ^ )

Great post!

I'm sure you know the Wii remote is a little more comfortable held NES-style if you have the condom on it... but I hate how that thing looks, and taking it off and putting it on again and again is SUCH a pain. (thus I choose to suffer while holding the Wiimote sideways, lol)

I wish Nintendo would have throw in some button mapping or presets for the Classic controller. In 2 button games I'd love to set the main buttons to 'y' and 'b' ...SNES style, feels the most natural to me. I like how it follows the angle of my thumb, and I can then hold down the run button and still use jump without contorting my thumb. (the main reason I HATE playing GBA games like Mega Man Zero on the DS... grrrrr)
I want to try the Classic Controller Pro. It looks sexy. ( ^ _ ^ ) Hopefully the handles aren't to PSX like... Angular controller is uncomfortable and angular!
Hori Digi Cont. is sexy. I wanted one back in the day but never got it (I wasn't sure what I would use it for other than my GBA player)
Me and Cait/Clair/Anonymiss were talking about those adapters a while back, and we too were lamenting the lack of (good!) Wii/N64 adapters. A cursory glance at eBay turns up a bunch of multi-system types, but IDK how good they are. (like if they have complete function, or if they last more than a month, lol)

No title

Yeah I'd kill for the ability to remap controls. DS' GBA compatibility is useless for everything but RPGs. I was really surprised when that PSX adaptor mapped it to X and Square. I too hope the Classic Controller Pro is good, I the sheer curiosity is killing me... Dun dunnn.,,

Multiadaptors, eh? Interesting! Yeah sounds super cheap, and you dunno the mapping, and honestly I hate 5-in-1 style chinese things, it always just makes the product feel cheaper. Like, it feels like in hong kong they have PSX controller ports on EVERYTHING. Poor N64 has nothing to properly represent it. Atleast the wavebird does a pretty decent job. Atleast in poor Genesis' case, the Gamecube controller can replicate the 3 button setup with A, B, and X. Better than nothing I suppose. And there's no solution for 6 button games currently.

I feel your pain on the ARGH SHOULDA GOT THE DIGITAL CONTROLLER. They released an awesome Saturn controller for PS2 some years back and I was amused, and planned to buy it but held off because it was merely a novelty. Well fast forward to the day when Xbox 360 has no decent D-pad, and I own a PS2 adaptor... and those controllers are now like $150 OW.

Controllers and DDR

I guess I should say something since you mentioned DDR. I've never tried the Mario one myself. The newest DDR for the Wii can utilize the Wii Balance Board, but you probably knew that.

Speaking of which, you haven't mentioned the Wii Balance Board. But, lol, if you ever want to know your weight using the Wii Balance Board, don't do it on carpet. (unless you think you're overweight) Back in the days I'd do Wii Fit, it kept saying I was underweight. I was doing workout mode on DDR when I tried something else: move the board to tile and weigh myself. And the measurement was closer.

Each time I get a new DDR, I get a new DDR mat free, so there's no need for me to buy any mats separately. But yeah, when it comes to DDR on a controller, I guess it doesn't matter how the buttons are spaced. I could do the one for PS2 and also on a GC controller. My cousins wonder how I can even play DDR using a GC controller, with the buttons weirdly spaced out.

No title

I'm speechless ^_^ Awesome blog is awesome :3

Dance Dance Revolutions

Good luck finding Mario Mix for Gamecube anywhere no a days. Just suck it up and shell out the money for the WII mat, even if it is rebranded.

Of course, if you have one in your closet, go for it.


No title

I do indeed have Mario DDR, got it a few years back when gamecube died. The Wii mat is exactly the same, so yeah, if you can't find the GC one the wii one works just fine, also the game by itself is pretty cheap unlike the mat. I'm really surprised it's so expensive honestly. It's not like the game is rare or anything.


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