MadCatz StreetFighter4 FightPad

Purse Not Included

One of the most infamous things about the 360 is it's D-pad, which is really too bad because it gets the most good Shooting and Fighting games. So, when Street Fighter IV came out, MadCatz released a controller specifically for fighters.
I've always been weary of MadCatz products ever since using some of their well... aboslutely terrible controllers for PSX and N64 back in the day. Ever since then I'd occasionally see a neat looking pad from them, buy it, just to be just as disappointed again. So ofcourse, I was just as weary of this one, bu I finally decided to buy one when I found a cheap one. MSRP: $39.99. Whats with controllers and being ridiculously expensive? This one I got for a very fair $15.

Pretty Comfy

I'm pretty pleased with this one, though. The build quality is better than I expected, but still feels like I could smash it if I felt like it. Pictures of it made it seem pretty big, but it's a nice size, really. The face buttons are a bit too wide, in my opinion, but it's no biggie. It has a teeny tiny Start button that's easy to miss and hit the Xbox button instead. My biggest complaint with the design is this Shoulder buttons. And it's wired, which I prefer, frankly. Cord is plenty long, and no bulky battery pack.
See how the Z and C wannabes are RB and RT? That means the actual shoulder buttons are LT a and LB. Having the right trigger function as the left one is extremely awkward, and many games do not allow you to customize it. Even fighting games have to be remapped to put both heavy punch and kick to the R buttons. Kind of a big design flaw considering that's what the controller was made for.
The D-pad is kind of nice, though. Its a bit floaty, and mushy for my tastes, reminds me of the PS2 d-pad but a bit better. It's definitely better than the 360 d-pad, but not as good as something like the Saturn one.

I tried it on Street Fighter 2 HD Remix and KOF98, and had a little trouble getting off Hadoukens with Ken, but Chunli played pretty well. As for KOF It played great. It played like a dream on Otomedius G, a shooting game, which I think it's great for. Finally I played it on Castle Crashers, where the "Both Shoulder buttons are L" thing got in the way.

The controller also includes a Turbo button, and a red LED to indicate when it's turned on. This surprised me, as I havent seen an officially licensed controller with Turbo in years. I'm not sure if this counts as cheating on Xbox live though, so I'd be weary of it. The method of auto-fire is that "hold the turbo button and press what you want to be auto" way. I'm not a fan of this method. (I prefer individual hardware switches for each button.) It also has 2 speed, with the 2nd being very slow and completely pointless, making it harder to deactivate, but hey, nice inclusion anyway.

Passing the QC like it was no thing

Now this is a pretty cool inclusion. A switch on the back will change the function of the d-pad from a D-pad, or the left or right analog stick. This is GREAT for those games that force you to use an analog stick, making an arcade stick useless. It also allows you do quickly do any one little analog stick thing a game might include without swapping controllers Great thinking on MadCatz's part on this one. Speaking of the back, it has rubber grips on it. a feature that made me worried when I first heard about it, as I'm not a fan of those, but I'm happy to say, while I would rather them not be there, theyre quite comfortable, and don't get in the way at all.

And finally, yeah. It's got Chun Li on it. There's quite a few different graphics you can get, but there's no option for a plain one, which is what I would've gotten as I don't like graphics on my controllers. She looks pretty nice though. :)

I would totally reccomend this for someone who only has a stock 360 controller, if you had an arcade stick not as much, but it still is a pretty good controller.

Why Chun Li?

(Tanya) when Erica was looking at the controllers
(Tanya) I saw the Chun-li one
(Tanya) and it reminded me of something my friend Stuffman once said
(Tanya) how he can't find Chun-li attractive because she's been around so long it'd be like perving on his sister
(Tanya) and then Erica and I realized Chun-li would be the best big sister ever

Big Sis ♥

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