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One thing I hate about used game shops, ESPECIALLY GAMESTOP, with a passion is their obssesion with putting a million sticker on everything. Theyre quite tricky to remove and one wrong move and your game has a scuff in it forever. Extremely annoying. Here's how I deal with them.
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Perfect. As always.

Usually it's not a big problem, especially if the game is newer, and the sticker is "fresh". I just pop my fingernail under it carefully (be careful not to scratch the plastic), uproot a whole side, and pull it off evenly. it's not bad in most cases. As long as you take your time and are careful. Also if you feel the sticker start to peel try pulling from the other side.

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Sometimes you're not so lucky however. Either you make a mistake or the person who marked it down did. Either way you end up with quite a mess. In some cases you can fingernail it off, but in many cases it's impossible... That's where I recommend...

GOO GONE! This stuff is awesome. Just a *little* squirt and the sticker residue just melts away, making it very easy to get off. Be very careful though as it leaves quite a greasy residue itself, especially if you use too much. Also avoid using it on paper labels, as it can stain them.

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It does quite an incredible job.


Gamestop has another terrible practice to be weary of, it's rare but sometiems you find a sticker UNDER the plastic on the paper. This is absolutely terrible of them, and my only reccomendation if you notice this is.. just don't buy it. If the game is rare enough or you want it bad enough I don't really know what to sayh but be careful.

Good thing Xenosaga sucks.
Yeah. You suck Gamestop. Oh well. I hope this post helped! Happy destickering!

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Haha! Those stickers annoy me too, plus, I have a tendency to buy games new. Though... I did buy a used PSP game while I was in Japan a while back. I definitely couldn't tell because I think they re-wrapped the case, then put the sticker on!

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if you use too much. Also avoid using it on paper labels, as it can stain them.


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