Revoltech mania!

If you're into posable figures at all, surely you've heard of the Japanese Figma and Revoltch brands. Expanding across several series of games and anime and other things. You'll surely like one or the other. For some reason I keep buying from the revoltech line without meaning to. I bought Idolmaster's Amami Haruka about a year ago, and kinda left it alone. However recently I've ended up with a ton more. The story basically goes like this;
I see Hasegawa Haruka from Moyashimon (great anime, by the way.) for 10 bucks at Play-Asia.
I prepare to buy her along with a video game I've been meaning to preorder at the time.
I add the game into my cart and prepare to add Hasegawa as well.
I then find.... she's sold out. She sold out in the time that it took to add Death Smiles in my cart.
Angered, I go on a journey to find her somewhere else; only to find that she's sold out nearly everywhere else. I finally find her at Hobby Link Japan.
I put in a order for her and a really neat miniature Kotatsu that Ana showed me.
The VERY NEXT DAY. TONS of the revoltechs they had; including Hasegawa go on sale. I cancel my first order and buy a ton.
Then... they spend about a day processing my order. I wait only to discover some grim news. They ALSO sell out between the time I canceled the first order and put in the second.
Having gone criminially insane at this point; I finally just buy her on ebay for 3 times as much as I was originally going to play. orz

(Please ignore my camera's crappy pictures and lack of adequate background in this post...)

So in the end I end up with this:Revoltech mania

Listing from the top: Fraulein Revoltech;

#04 Pocco
#05: Amami Haruka (already had her)
#09 Hoshii Miki
#11 Hasegawa Haruka
SP1 Suzumiya Haruhi (bunny ver.)
Not a bad collection if I do say so myself.

First up is Hasegawa, who is the source of all this madness

She's the last of the original line, before the reboot.
Compared to Haruka (Uh, the other Haruka.) She has improved ALOT All of her joints are really secure and flexable in comparison, and she comes with a TON of stuff. More than any other figure in the line. Including, but not limied to: Three different microorganisims, a beaker thingie, a winebottle, a glass of wine (which one of the microbes can float off of), a cup of sake, two alternate faces, and 13 different hands. Her only problems at all are;

1. Her head is REALLY REALLY hard to get loose from the revolver joint. This makes swapping faces especially difficult. Haruhi also suffers from this problem, but oddly Miki, and earlier release, does not.
2. The bottom of her shirt is detached so she can pose her stomach. This really isn't a big deal at all, but it came out weird in a few of the pics I took.
She might just be my fave in the series, but I may be a bit bias because I like the anime she's from :P

Next up is Pocco, who isn't from any particular game or anime, but rather from a collection of illustrations called "Sweet Dreams"


She's an earlier realse and she doesn't come with much. At all. Just a sword and 6 hands. Despite being an earlier release I havent had any of the problems Haruka had. I guess that was just luck of the draw.

What she lacks in accessories, she make up in detail. She's on of my favorites just to sit there and pose. Plus she's interesting because she's the only one that lacks an anime look. Although some could say her expression looks a bit... spaced out. Also for what it's worth, the metal wings on her back are also posable.


"I will defeat you with the cold metal of my blade"

"O-oh dear. You are a formidable foe indeed."

... yeah. Anyway, next up is Haruhi!


Mmmmm. Bunny costume-tastic. Compared to the others, her build quality has improved dramatically. The is probably due to he fact that she is the start of a series reboot. Hasegawa is pretty close in quality but Haruhi is practically perfect. Hyper posable and not a single loose join on her body. It's also interesting to note that shes the only one I have with no skirt or any other object restricting her leg movement, so her legs are uber posable. She comes with two alternate faces, 14 hands, a guitar, and a SOS-dan sign. Not as many accessories as Hasegawa, but theyre bigger and are very detailed. Plus if you are really into some hardcore haruhi mania, there is a normal school uniform version available with the Wii game, Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou. The price of both the game and the figure is only about $20 more than your average Revoltech figure, so definitely a nice deal if you're into wii rhythm games! There's even 4 alternate heads with EVEN more accessories, that are rather hard to find. They came exclusively with some Japanese magazines last year. I like the idea though, and would like to see it done again and sold normally.
Hey look! I'm actually using one of the stands! Each stand comes with the figures name on it and the series she's from. Quite a nice touch!

Finally I got Hoshii Miki, also from Idolm@ster.
She comes after Im@s haruka, but before Hasegawa. Her build quality is somewhere inbetween too. She lacks the lose joints Haruka has, however; they're a bit TOO tight. Miki comes with a TON of hands, but theyre really hard to swap due to the tight joint. I need some of those revolpliers I guess.
Miki comes with 13 hands, an alternate head (to reflect her short hairstyle seen late in the game) She also comes with some accesaries unique to the im@s figures; Two wing boot things, two monster hands, nekomimi and a collar. Each im@s character comes with a piece of an accessory set from the game, which can be mixed and matched.


Her "call me" hand pose!

"I'll show you who the main character is! Why I oughta!"

We love catgirls yes we do! We love catgirls how bout you?

I absolutely LOVE the heart hand gesture and find this pic adorable :3

Even her hair is posable! It has the same "revolver" joint like her neck, wrists, and ankles!

... Which, for some reason.. is visible in Miki. It's not a big deal, since it's only visible from below, but I find it odd!

Phew! that takes care of all the figures! Also with them I bought "Wagaya no Kotatsu" from HLJ. For a mere $15 it's a steal.

It is like uber detailed and even comes with the bowl of mikan that no kotatsu in the winter would be complete with! Oddly enough it also comes with a stick of gum lol. It's the perfect size for Revoltech or Figmas or anthing about that size.

Tea time with Haruka and Haruka

Hasegawa is an expert on microbes but can she tell just by looking at it?
"I really don't see how he does it...."
"Surely it's safe...right?"
"Just to be safe, I'll have a carrot instead..."

Everyone gathers around for the new tv drama.
Everyone but Pocco, that is. She never watches TV. Never at all...
.... okay maybe with breakfast. Nobody's looking, right?

Who needs Yuki when we have pocco and her spaced out expression?

With Haruhi's guitar and Miki's vocals we have the band of the century... right? Ok, maybe they need a microphones. maybe she can just use some giant bacteria instead...


Miki and Haruhi could improve their band with a bunny/kitty gimmick maybe?


Haruka's bad elbow. None of the others have this problem thankfully.


All and all, I love the Fraulein series. Definitely one to keep an eye out on, as they just keep improving. I already have Yoko from Gurren Lagann (Who happens to have two different versions), and Mikuru from Haruhi in my eye. I just wish they'd release more characters from one series before rushing off to the next. I'd love to see Kei from Moyashimon, Nia from Gurren Lagann, Makoto and Ritsuko from Im@s be made. Vocaloid characters might even been interesting. God knows they've been good to Figma.



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Super fun post! ( '-')b I need to get me some of the IM@S girls, also echoing that wish for a Makoto and Ritsuko. I really want to go on another figma spree too, but after I spent so much on Aoto... that's not happening for awhile, haha.

The Queen's Blade Revoltechs are also looking awesome, can't wait for more of those to come out.


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