Thanks Festa!

After about a month long hiatus, we finally started playing PSU again! Yay! We can never Leave you, game <3 We came back to the "Thanks Festa", which is a hodgepodge of random maps from other parts of the game made into one pretty fun event! Good Exp too!
I concentrated mostly on my Alternate characters (Nanami and Kuriko) as Ichigo and Saturmeki was pretty much where I need them.
Kuriko with her brand new Serafi daggers! They're soo cool! I can't wait for the HUnewearl outfit to come out!

Rare monsters are really common on this event! I almost NEVER see those rare Svaltuses! Alas they dropped crap, tho...

Oh WOW! A Giga/Bullet PP Save! Those are out?! What a helpful Arm unit this will be! Not like they make a better one yet or anything!

Old Ichigo
I did use Ichigo a little bit though, I've been using these clothes for so long, I don't think I'll EVER change them!

old evila
Evila even joined us! She changed to a robot-face! It looks cool, but I wonder if I'll ever see her old black hair look again...

old firebreak
Also, you have the possibility of getting a firebreak map when you get a ra.... huh....


Yeah, these screenshots are all from Janurary 2008. When we did the original Thanks Festa/Winter Event. It's been a while. Times have changed. We've been through other things. Things like MAG, Dengeki, Shred the Darkness, Thanks Festa 2! Plus meeting Coe&co (always wanted to say that.) Those guys are awesome ♥

For some reason, Sega brought the old one back, appearently it was supposed to be a part of the 2nd one, but for some reason the never added it. I kinda like having a mini event so I'm glad it worked out this way. XD Beats "White Beast", right?

new firebreak
So where were we, oh yes. I the firebreak parts are especially a treat because you don't get to do eraser missions normally. They're fun. Albiet a bit time consuming... and it's always cool to see those nice eraser beams! I hope Absolute Zero brings back the ice style missions like that.

Can't beat a good guy sit! You normally don't get to see other players do it, but you can in laggy situations. I shoulve sat next to her, for... masucline sitting club, I dunno.

Now with different clothes!

Nobody will take Nanami :(

new nanami
But that's okay, I redesigned her. I like this one, I saw the RAcaseal top and was like *lightbulb* Turned out really well, I might just keep it for a while :D

So OFCOURSE as soon as Tristia saw it... hahaha. I'm glad bmp approves XD

While Tristia was prettying herself up I looked around the makeup shop and saw that the door you come out of has a hallway behind it. This is interesting because the door never actually opens, you just spawn next to it, and you warp right into the dressing room when you talk to the clerk. I guess you were originally gonna have to go in the door after paying the clerk. The change is nice since now you can prod around without having to pay upfront.

I've been using this spinny claw move on Ichigo for some time. I never noticed that her arm streches and HER HAND COMES OFF?! D: The horror.

best way to get the disc out of the tree
Using this skill has to be the BEST WAY to get that disc out of the tree ever, haha.

Everyone needs an evil twin...
Some mad scientist on Moatoob stole Saturmeki's DNA and cloned her! ... and who can blame them? I love the spooky look on her face, haha.

Thanks for healing me so much XD
The other rare Svaltus! I got an Elsral from him! Awesome! Furthermore, I'm attacking him with my grenade PA that finally got to 21, many thanks to poor coe for healing me so many times. XD


Some things never change. Still using it after all these years.

She is thebest ever
Kuriko: Forever badass.

Sooooo yeah, I loved that event. I'd be cool if they made it annual or something, haha. I'm definintely gonna start using Nanami more, she was great, and is level 100 now, that makes her alot more accessable in S2 missions. I fail'd that goal with Kuriko but that's okay, I still had fun :] It was really nolstagic, PSU is fun, I hope it sticks around for years to come, if you're reading this and don't have a subscription, please try it! :D

Bye Bye!

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