Revoltech Melona! (18禁)

Melona says Adults only!

Revoltech released the new figure in the Queen's Blade line! Melona! I'm gonna talk about her, but she's for grown ups, you see.

So basically what I'm saying is...
You still with me? Cool. :3

I like Revoltech, I dunno why. They're not as popular as Figma and such, but I dunno. The line is just so likeable. I've been collecting Frauleins for a while, but recently they started a new line, Queen's Blade.
When I heard Queen's Blade was getting a Revoltech line, I was estatic, but my #1 reaction was pretty much MELONA PLZ. About a half a year later, WE GOT HER ♥ Woo!

Front of da boxBack of da box
The box is pretty big. Way bigger than the Frauleins. The stylish Q is cool, and it's nice looking but it DOES take up a good bit of shelf room.

She's so portable!
All and all I think it's a pretty good likeness. The jel-like look of her dress and hair is quite fitting. And proportions seem more or less good. Her face looks a little... more anime than the rest of her, but is still cute, albiet a little chipmunk-y.

Sparkley Chapstick makes my lips just like hers!
The Queen's Blade line is quite a bit smaller than the Fraulein line. No doubt to emulate Good Smile's ever popular "Figma" line. I don't really mind, after playing with Melona for a while, my Frauleins felt a little... top heavy by comparison.

Sorry Haruhi, there's a new girl in town...
Size comparison! I kinda miss the Fraulein proportions haha. Sadly the size difference is just big enough to make using each other's accessories pretty unlikely. (Unless you like goo girls with giant hands.) Haruhi's guitar seemed to look okay though.


The stands are quite different themselves! And.... once again. Queen's Blade's look suspiciously like Figma's. It's built basically the same way but is different in execution. While the Frauleins sat in a little cup thing, the Queen's Blade ones have a hole in their back that you stab a revolver joint through. Not bad once you get it in there, haha. The biggest difference I like better about the QB one is the joint in the middle of it. That gives it WAY more options. The transperentness is nice, but the piano black of the Fraulein look SO classy. Also the QB one is collapsible which is REALLY nice as you don't have to disassemble it if you're gonna store it in the box.

gon getchu

She comes with a low to moderate amount of accessories. Two alternate hands. (fingering and lip hangey) An alternate face, and alternate skirt (VERY handy. Lots of Frauleins skirts make their legs practically immoble.) And three jets to slime (uh... getting to that in a bit) The face is interestingly a bit different from the Frauliens. Instead of removing their bangs to change faces, Melona's is hinged. This simplifies that part but it still is hard to get the face off. I need some RevolTools I guess. With a little practice I think it's easier in the long run though.

Chi chi chi chi oppai. Boing boing. (Boing boing) Moge, moge, moge.Photo 971

her boobs are usually conveniently covered by her Hair/slime/hands. Said slime-bangs are articulated and easily movable, revealing her ... well you know. They're pretty nicely detailed, but they;re made of this rubbery material to make them soft. Feels kinda nice but nothing like real boobs at all, lol. Also they make the entire figure feel much more fragile. As they're basically just a thin piece of rubber, tearing them would take little effort, and much rage would occur from such a scenario. So let's be gentle, mmmk?

Oh a sudden breeze!Oh a sudden breeze again! (How clumbsy~)
The flaired up skirt is neat. I Didnt know what it was at first, haha. It's intended for uhm... Well let me just let the box tell you...
Oh dear, I'm supposed to do THAT?
Thanks box! Appearently it's for "M" mode which is intended for dirty poses, while "S" is intended for regular figure fun. (S&M, get it?)

But either way, it's really nice because it allows for a wide range of leg movement. (as I said, some Fraulein are simply HORRIBLE about restrictive skirts. Looking at you Haruka and Hasegawa.)
It can also give you a nice "Marylin Monroe" effect.
Oh dearOh myUh Oh
Oh boyOh lord.

"M mode" in action. First off her barely there panties are removable, revealing her... well you know. Then, with her fingering looking hand and... attachable geyser of pink slime cum... You can make QUITE a scene. I feel SO dirty posting about this XD. It's um, well done atleast.

Ready aim...FIRE!

That's not the only place she can do such a trick. The boobs hand hair things are removable and replaceable with... well what you see here. Hehe. Once again the effect, although pervy as hell, is very nicely done. :B

Now for some miscellaneous stuff~

The bewbiez
You can make her completely nude if you're still unsatisfed with her pervy adventures. Not really sure if you can remove to top part of her outfit or not. Pretty sure you can but it looks like alot of work.

Back vieworz
Like Miki, she has articulated hair, it's nice and very movable, but it is kinda heavy so it's her most notorious part about falling off. It's not a big deal and her backs cute though~

Melona get out of that box you dont go in that box!Give me my 10 Revoltech points back!

And finally she comes with a cute little revoltech box for spare parts, and a neat little token which you can collect for free stuff. A figure costs about 50 and this is worth 10. Not bad, ofcourse since I don't live in Japan I doubt I can do that, so oh well. It's a cool coin anyway. I'll keep it :]

And uhm, yeah! That's about it! She's my favorite Queen's Blade character so I was all over her, but I reccomend her to any fan of revoltech, queens blade, goo girls, or posable figure lovers in general. She's pervy, but if you don't like that she's stil posable in many other ways. And as usual Revoltech's build quality improves with every figure. This one was nice and stiff and I had no trouble posing her how I wanted. The hair thing was kinda annoying but pretty minor. Next month Menace comes out, I have her preordered. Stay tuned to see how that goes ♥

Bye bye~ ♥

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The cat of gold

Hey there, first of all nice reviews (just read your Menace review).

Anyway, I just recently got the Revoltech Alice (you know, in?famous for her piss puddle) and am really having a blast with her, but would really like a friend to pose her in some kinky poses.

So, I would like to know your opinion for the best Queen's Blade Revoltech out there, just an opinion between Menace and Melona will be helpful enough.

Anyway, thanks for the time in advance.

Re: The cat of gold

I personally think like Melona better, but I'm sure that's bias from being a Melona fan in general. She also has slime geyser action. Plus more of her clothes are removable and she's just more customizable in general.

Menace on the other hand is a bit taller, which I like, as the QB ones feel a little "stumpy" in proportions next to the Fraudelins. She also is mostly hard plastic. Melona has a lot of soft plastic parts, which fit her, being made of slime. But they feel much cheaper in comparison.

It really comes down to personal opinion. Melona and Menace are my fave characters so the series so they're the ones I own.


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