Thanks Festa!

After about a month long hiatus, we finally started playing PSU again! Yay! We can never Leave you, game <3 We came back to the "Thanks Festa", which is a hodgepodge of random maps from other parts of the game made into one pretty fun event! Good Exp too!

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Pangya Season 4!

I've been a big fan of pangya ever since it first came out. It's one of the few mmos that's just as fun now as it was then. It's made by Ntreev soft, but it was originally was distributed in US by OGPlanet. They were really great at first, prehaps the best MMO distributer I've seen, unfortunately though, they kinda started slipping near the end, when they had more games to keep track of, oh well.

But then, it was bought back by Ntreev's own USA branch, so now the server's run by Ntreev themselves :O With it they brought in Season 4 to the mix, awesome!

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Happy 09/09/09!

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, this is gonna be a short one too.

Today was the 10th anniversary of the dreamcast I enjoyed it muchly ♥
I so wanna start making homebrew for it. (VMU Virtual pet game must exist omg!)
I feel kinda bad for not playing in a while, oh well we made up totally.
Also, I totally wanna buy Dux and all those other independent games that are coming out. I hope to do so when I finally get some extra money.


You should play yours too!

Sorry for this stupid rinky dink post. I promise I'll post more when I find a good way to capture video ♥

Want some cheap gameage?


I guess I'll kick things off with a nice little sale Best Buy is gonna have going on starting 4/26. (Sunday) :O
Various games for stuff for a mere 10bux. I've been looking to grab Devil May Cry 4 for a while now so I'll totally grab that. Who knows what else they might have too, definitely worth a look if you happen to pass by. :]

UPDATE: Oops! I got there late and the game I wanted was sold out! Curse you college finals!


Welcome to my little mushroom grove ♥

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