Revoltech Menace! (18禁)

It's that time again. No, not that time. Time for yet another Revoltech review lol. This time we're doing Queen's Blade again, and yep, it's just as perverted as last time. Know what that means?

Yep. That sign's been sitting in my floor since the Melona post... orz


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Tamagotchi mayhem!

I found this on some random blog that said they stole it from a random blog does that make it okay?

Ever go through a drawer and find random stuff from when you're a kid, just to get nolstagic about it and wanna play with it again? That just happened to me and tamagotchi. I was talking to a friend about ebay and mentioned that Pokémon Pikachus are $50 on ebay now. (WHY) And he brought up tamagotchi, that caused me to go through my drawer full of them and show him the ones I still had. Now he just left and I'm just like "Welp Imma just write about these haha"

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Revoltech Melona! (18禁)

Melona says Adults only!

Revoltech released the new figure in the Queen's Blade line! Melona! I'm gonna talk about her, but she's for grown ups, you see.

So basically what I'm saying is...

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Thanks Festa!

After about a month long hiatus, we finally started playing PSU again! Yay! We can never Leave you, game <3 We came back to the "Thanks Festa", which is a hodgepodge of random maps from other parts of the game made into one pretty fun event! Good Exp too!

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Pangya Season 4!

I've been a big fan of pangya ever since it first came out. It's one of the few mmos that's just as fun now as it was then. It's made by Ntreev soft, but it was originally was distributed in US by OGPlanet. They were really great at first, prehaps the best MMO distributer I've seen, unfortunately though, they kinda started slipping near the end, when they had more games to keep track of, oh well.

But then, it was bought back by Ntreev's own USA branch, so now the server's run by Ntreev themselves :O With it they brought in Season 4 to the mix, awesome!

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